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Use Cases

The LifeWatch Datacloud will be used in support of various use cases and projects in the marine domain. Stakeholders will benefit from the great variety in data products offered by the datacloud. Below, several interesting use cases can be consulted.

SUMES (Sustainable Marine Ecosystem Services)

The SUMES project (SUstainable Marine Ecosystem Services), one of the research and innovation projects under the Blue Cluster, acts as one of the first use cases for the  data and computational resources provided through the LifeWatch maritime industry data cloud. Within SUMES, 3 research groups, 8 companies and 2 governmental  bodies will collaborate to find methods to quantify the impact of socio-economic activities and model the marine ecosystem service provision in the context of the Belgian  Part of the North Sea.

 The provided data and computational resources will serve to perform risk assessment, indicator calculations and life cycle analysis. Within the data cloud environment, the  relevant data resources will be prepared, reformatted and aggregated for optimal input towards the analytical and modelling operations of the project.

SUMES partners and stakeholders: VLIZ, UAntwerpen, UGent, Colruyt Group, DEME, IMDC, Vlaamse Visveiling, Harsonic, EBO, Maritech, Haven Zeebrugge, FPS Health, POM West-Flanders

More info on SUMES:

Use case contact: Gert Everaert (VLIZ)


More use cases to follow...