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An indexed overview of data portals of interest to the Blue Economy is provided below. Data generated by the LifeWatch observatory are made available through an array of data explorer portals running on the VSC cloud infrastructure. These portals allow exploration and preliminary analysis of marine data. Static and dynamic maps of interest can be retrieved from two ‘Kustportaal’ portals. In addition, several EMODnet portals are included that provide access to bathymetric, physical, human activity data and more.

The user's datasets can be combined with existing LifeWatch datasets.


Combine Data Sets


Data collected by the MIDAS underway continuous sampling system on the RV Simon Stevin


Underway Data

Physical LifeWatch BPNS

Data collected during the LifeWatch monthly sampling campaigns with RV Simon Stevin


Monthly Station Data

Chemical Physical LifeWatch BPNS

Cetacean detections on C-PODs in the Belgian Part of the North Sea


Marine Mammals Data

Biological LifeWatch BPNS

Zooplankton data collected during the LifeWatch monthly sampling campaigns on RV Simon Stevin


Zooplankton Data

Biological LifeWatch BPNS

Phytoplankton data sampled on the monthly campaigns on the RV Simon Stevin & processed by the FlowCam


Phytoplankton Data

Biological LifeWatch BPNS

Hydrometeo data collected at stations along the Belgian coast and offshore along the Flemish Banks


Hydrometeo Data

Physical Meetnet Vlaamse Banken BPNS

On the coastal portal, static map products can be found for numerous human activities in the Belgian Part of the North Sea


Coastal Portal: Static Maps

Geological Human Activities Coastal Portal BPNS

On the Coastal Portal, a geoviewer is available where different layers on human activities can be combined


Coastal Portal: Dynamic Maps

Biological Chemical Geological Human Activities Physical Coastal Portal BPNS

The bathymetry portal on EMODnet provides information on the different topographies in European waters.


EMODnet: Bathymetry

Bathymetric EMODnet Europe

The EMODnet Biology data portal provides information on the spatial and temporal distribution of marine species and species traits in European regional waters.


EMODnet: Biology

Biological EMODnet Europe

The EMODnet Chemistry data portal provides data on the spatial en temporal distribution of marine litter and concentrations of nutrients, organic matter, pesticides etc. in the water column, sediment and marine biota in European waters.


EMODnet: Chemistry

Chemical EMODnet Europe

The EMODnet Geology portal provides several data products such as: seabed substrate maps, maps on coastal behavior, marine minerals distribution, submerged landscapes...


EMODnet: Geology

Geological EMODnet Europe

The Human Activities portal on EMODnet accommodates the viewing, querying and downloading of datasets on marine and maritime human activities (sand extraction, aquaculture, shipping...) in European marine waters.


EMODnet: Human Activities

Human Activities EMODnet Europe

The EMODnet Physics data portal provides access to in-situ data sets, products and metadata on physical parameters sea water temperature, currents, waves etc. recorded by either moving or fixed stations, or repeated observations. These data sets are made available for European as global marine waters.


EMODNET: Physics

Physical EMODnet Global

The Seabed Habitat data portal provided by EMODnet gives access to broad-scale seabed habitat maps and data products for assessing the environmental state of ecosystems in European waters.


EMODNET: Seabed Habitats

Biological Physical EMODnet Europe