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Product Gallery

This gallery presents a growing list of data products with particular relevance to maritime industry. Click on the thumbnails bellow to access them.

Each product is categorized with different tags. By clicking on the tags immediately below, the products will be filtered according to the categories. More than one tag can be clicked at once to further filter the products. The number on each tag represents how many products fall within the tag's category.

LifeWatch stations and windfarms, industrial activity, aquaculture and shipping


LifeWatch stations versus industrial activity zones BPNS

Human Activities LifeWatch Graphs Maps BPNS

Information on biofouling species in the BPNS


Densities of fouling species on BPNS over time

Biological LifeWatch Graphs R script BPNS

Information about the geographical distribution of seaweed species present in the BPNS


Seaweed Distribution Maps

Biological WoRMS OBIS R package Maps R script Global

Access to daily, monthly or annual wind data products


BPNS Wind and Sea State Data products

Physical EMODnet Meetnet Vlaamse Banken Graphs R script BPNS

Find & create interpolated maps for the BPNS


Interpolated maps BPNS, nutrients, pigments, secchi depth and suspended matter

Chemical Physical LifeWatch R script BPNS

Access bathymetry data from EMODnet and and create maps for area of interest


European Bathymetry layers provided by EMODnet

Bathymetric EMODnet Maps R script Europe

Spatio-temporal distribution of harbour porpoises in the BPNS


Harbour porpoise occurrence in the BPNS

Biological LifeWatch Graphs Maps R script BPNS

Overview of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) in the BPNS


Aquatic Invasive Species

Biological Bio-ORACLE WoRMS Maps Europe

Calculate thermal affinities for your species of interest


Occurrence-derived Thermal Affinities

Biological Bio-ORACLE OBIS R package R script Global