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Analysis Platform

For specific and detailed analysis, the provided data can be accessed through the LWdata R package or from the MongoDb instance on the VSC cloud. A performant R Studio Server can be used to run available or custom-made scripts on the cloud data 

LWdata R package

A LifeWatch data R package has been developed that allows data retrieval in the same way as is possible on the LifeWatch Data Explorer.

This package needs to be installed on the client side, but is pre-installed on the R Studio server. For the installation of the package, a connection to the VLIZ network is necessary.

Contact to find out more how to obtain and use the package.

 LifeWatch MongoDb

A MongoDb instance on the VSC cloud offers direct access to a number of commonly used big data packages in the cloud.

Instructions on how to access these resources from MongoDb are available here.

RStudio Server

RStudio is a user friendly development environment for analysis in R.

It can be installed on your local computer, but a performant online version is available on the LifeWatch data cloud.

Access is granted to our target audience after registration.

Useful pre-defined and example scripts can be found in the LifeWatch github repositories or via the product gallery.